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Is there an industry standard for environmentally grading fixtures?

No but we would love there to be one, our systems and process can easily adapt to the latest datasets and when one arrives please let us know!

What is the problem with just using landfill for our old fixtures?

By consigning materials to landfill we limit the potential for reuse, recycling or recovery of valuable resources. Landfill also increases the demand for new resources and generates more greenhouse gas emissions.

Does your Sustainable Design approach save money?

We have an extensive track record of achieving cost savings through our balanced design solutions and value-engineering. In addition, using materials more efficiently (called ‘materials resource efficiency’) is a highly effective sustainability strategy; the efficient use of materials reduces the quantity of materials used in the first instance, lowers the material purchasing costs, minimises waste and eliminates the need for subsequent handling and disposal costs.

What is Ecosmart?

An environmental design approach which assists retailers and brand owners to meet their own specific environmental objectives from waste minimisation, carbon reduction to recycling and future revenue generation.

To read more please see our Ecosmart grading page

What environmental software do you use?

Over the last four years we have developed a bespoke database with input from the University of Bath, WRAP and NISP; this has been linked to our 3D engineering software to enable us analyse your current fixtures (existing or new) in terms of sustainable and waste pros and cons.

Do we manufacture retail fixtures or POP equipment?

We have a pre-vetted and high quality network of smaller manufacturers which enables us to bring together prototypes and store trial equipment quickly without having to try and interrupt high volume production runs in the larger factories which cannot cope with the pace and nature of our business.

In fact because our prices are highly competitive and our response times better than most we are often asked to fulfil initial production runs both in the UK and abroad

To book an appointment with our design team click here, or telephone +44 (0)1858 410007.

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Quantum 4 BCE Environmental Award Winners

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Quantum 4 won the SME premier award at the BCE Awards ceremony held on the 8th June 2010 after entering the Awards for the first time this year following the development and successful implementation of its Ecosmart Fixture Design system.... more

WRAP - Halving Waste to Landfill

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WRAP's halving waste to landfill initiative helps UK businesses and individuals reduce waste & develop more sustainable practices... more.

4 Steps to a More Sustainable Retail Store

4 steps to a more sustainable retail store

... our experience of improving the Sustainability of store fixtures shows that major cost savings can be achieved hand-in-hand with ‘Eco-smart’ improvements to fixture design... more.

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