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How much money are you currently wasting?

Apart from the Environmental benefits, improving the Sustainability of your store fixtures is also sound business practice. Our experience in recent years shows that major cost savings can be achieved hand-in-hand with ‘Eco-smart’ improvements to fixture design and procurement.

By identifying the optimum solution in terms of aesthetics, commerciality and sustainability with the design team, significant savings can be made immediately and also in the longer term.

Multi-functional & recyclable counters for leading Grocery multiple

Q4 designed an alternative universal desk system to provide a solution for the whole range of store formats:

Fast-track Cash Desks for major Health & Beauty retailer

Existing compact rapid cash taking tills at the front of store had ergonomic issues for colleagues, costly maintenance problems and they did not facilitate current operations:

To see how a sustainable approach to design can save money now and into the future please see our case studies section to the left of this article.

To book an appointment with our design team click here, or telephone +44 (0)1858 410007.

Quantum 4 BCE Environmental Award Winners

bce environmental leadership awards

Quantum 4 won the SME premier award at the BCE Awards ceremony held on the 8th June 2010 after entering the Awards for the first time this year following the development and successful implementation of its Ecosmart Fixture Design system.... more

WRAP - Halving Waste to Landfill

wrap halving waste to landfill

WRAP's halving waste to landfill initiative helps UK businesses and individuals reduce waste & develop more sustainable practices... more.

4 Steps to a More Sustainable Retail Store

4 steps to a more sustainable retail store

... our experience of improving the Sustainability of store fixtures shows that major cost savings can be achieved hand-in-hand with ‘Eco-smart’ improvements to fixture design... more.

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