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Ecosmart Store Fixtures

Retailers & Brand Owners

Spending around 2.7 billion each year on in-store fixtures, furniture and POP units, retailers and brand owners are now faced with dramatically increasing costs for the disposal of their obsolete equipment,  together with a need to reduce cost and improve their overall environmental impact.  As a result top retailers have turned to Quantum 4 to devise a more sustainable equipment design strategy; one that designs smarter, buys better and considers the long-term.

Quantum4 was established in 2002 to provide retailers with commercially viable and sustainable design solutions for their store equipment, by combining design, engineering and commercial skills with manufacturing and installation experience.

A growing concern that our industry was designing and producing tomorrow’s waste today led us to investigate and then develop our sustainable design (Ecosmart) solutions to prevent this from happening.

Through our own research and combined experience of working with half of the UK top 10 retailers, we now able to support others in developing their design and development policies for more sustainable store fixtures.

Our Goal

While continuing to create effective store fixture designs in terms of customer impact, functionality and costs, our designers and engineers have been utilising Ecosmart principles as standard for the last few years, considering waste minimisation and recycling aspects of a fixture’s materials specification and construction from the very start of a project.

Quantum4’s aim is to continue to develop, lead and partner others inside and outside of the industry to help improve the use of materials, processes and practices in terms of the impact the store fixtures industry has on the environment.

Store Fixtures

Unlike buildings where the construction and operating processes can be analysed in great detail, there is no industry standard measurement system for store fixtures in terms of environmental pros and cons.

In 2006 we were commissioned by Marks & Spencer to create a simple and practical fixture scoring system as part of their ‘Plan A’. The work was completed in the Spring of 2007, with input from WRAP, NISP and the University of Bath.

The system was subsequently refined and new sustainable design guidelines and control templates created to aid both the design and procurement processes; this included advice on materials, construction and sourcing alternatives.

Our Ecosmart services now include:

The following pages will take you through some of the challenges and results gained from our unique approach.

Our environmental design consultants have helped half of the UK’s top 10 retailers with designing more sustainable store fixtures to - see how we helped Asda with their design and waste minimisation strategy click here.

To book an appointment with our design team click here, or telephone +44 (0)1858 410007.

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